3.4.2 Searching a Remote

  • Search by any keyword

If you only know very brief information about the device you want to add and control, you can search the remote controller by its brand name, model number of the device or model code of the remote, partially or mixed with any keyword separate with space, like ‘Sony yd092’ or ‘Samsung 55’.


  • Search by model number
    You know more about your device like its type, brand or model, you can narrow your selection by type of the devices then follow by the brand.

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Select the model that matches your devices will get you the Trial remote, where you can try and test this remote to verify each keys. If this remote works with your devices, you can download it so that you can now control it from your smartphone directly (even without Internet connection).


The remote interface is patented designed for single-hand control. All the important keys is placed in the inner-ring and other keys can be rotated out from outer-ring. There is an in-app guide will show you some basic control step by step when you get your first remote.

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The remote interface will be different for some type of the devices like Air conditioner, Lights or Digital Camera like below. This will better fit for the user experiences of the devices.

download download download

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