3.4.3 Smart Match

If you are unsure about the model number of your device or your specific model could not be find in the list, you can try ‘Smart Match’ to get the remote. In fact, this is the most effective way to search for our entire cloud database.
Take a sample to get a remote of Samsung TV:

  • Select category ‘TV’ and select brand name ‘Hisense’.
  • Scroll for more models will reveal the option of ‘Smart Match’ at the bottom.


  • Follow the instruction and place Smart Egg in front of TV. Smart Egg will attempt to send a set of testing IR codes to control Hisense TV, please check if the TV reacts to the IR code correctly or not, tap ‘Yes, it works’ if TV response to the testing IR code.
  • You can always refresh the preset testing IR with new code by tap the refresh icon on the top right.
  • Sometimes 2 or more IR codes need to be tested because similar remotes with common buttons were founded.

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