3.4.4 Clone a Remote

If you cannot match any proper remote through Search Model and Smart Match, you can try IR learning to copy the remote controller into Smart Egg. Please make sure you possess the remote before clone.

1.After select a device category like ‘TV’ and scroll for more brand will reveal the option of ‘Clone a remote’ at the bottom.


2.Or at the end of Smart Match while none of the testing IR code works, the option of ‘Clone a remote’ will appear at the top.


3.Follow the animated instruction, first select a key you wish to copy, then Smart Egg will light up in red prepare to learn the income IR code. Point to the top of Smart Egg and press the button of remote only once (please do not long press and hold the button). The red light will off once Smart Egg receive and record the IR code.

download download

4.Please repeat the above steps until you have all the keys cloned.
5.You can always test the keys to check if the keys cloned is correct.
6.Save this remote with a proper name and model to complete the clone.

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