3.4.5 Edit a Remote

1.You can personalize your remote to modify its name like ‘Bedroom LG TV’ or its display color. Just tap the “…” on the right of each remote and select ‘Personalise’.
2.It is also possible to edit or adjust the sequence of each key by tapping the ‘Edit Keys’. For a sample, one of the keys is not working as desired, you can overwrite this key by long-press on it and replace with a new IR command.
3.You can double-click on any key to remove it. This ‘removed’ key is still in the list but will not appear at the remote control interface. You can also drag and drop to reorder the key to any sequence you want, this will affect how the keys at the outer-ring will appear. Please note that some important function keys like ‘Power’, ‘OK’, ‘Exit’ are fixed could not be removed or changed.

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