3.7.1 Create an Automation

To create a new automation please make sure you have some active Scene first, then Tap the “Add Automation” button or tap the “+” button in the right upper corner in the Automation page. Select a Scene you wish to be automated then set the trigger conditions like:

  • Distance (How close it can be trigger)
  • Working Duration (What time it can be trigger)
  • Trigger Interval (The cooldown time to avoid trigger repeatedly)
  • Sensitivity (How accurate the Smart Egg will sense the paired smartphone)

If these settings really confuse you, please tap ‘Use the Presetting’ to use the default settings for your automation which will fit in most of the circumstance.

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Upon on the Automation saved, the Scene will be trigger once your smartphone is within the range of the Smart Egg. A notification will send to your smartphone at the same time.


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